Sabi Sand Open Vehicle Safari

Open 4x4 Game Drives

'Off Road'

lion - open game drive

Open 4 x 4 Game Drives - The real thing

When you arrive in the Sabi Sand Reserve a qualified and experienced game ranger with his .458 rifle and his local Shangaan tracker will be assigned to you for the duration of your Sabi Sands Safari. For your 'off road' wildlife viewing they will guide you on three totally open '4 x 4 Land Rover' game drives each day - early morning, late afternoon and at night.

The open vehicle game drives are carried out at these times because the animals are most active moving around the reserve during these cooler periods of the day searching for either fresh grazing or water. The predators take the opportunity to hunt during these same periods.

During the heat of the day (10.00am to 3.00pm) most of the animals stay under shade. There is not much animal movement so during these times it's everyone's opportunity to be at the lodge chatting, having a siesta or a swim. Just relaxing out of the heat.

On the open vehicle game drives we search for animals by traversing the Sabi Sands using the narrow dirt roads that have been formed over the years. The dirt roads criss-cross the reserve in all directions - to water holes, across rivers, through open plains of grassland, thick woodland bush and even down dried river beds.

Although we all search for the animals it's your local Shangaan tracker who will do the spotting. If fresh animal tracks belonging to one of the Big Five are found crossing the road, we will then use the Land Rover 'off road' following the tracks, driving further into the bush. We will follow any fresh Big Five track to ensure your chances of seeing all of the Big Five.

At the end of the afternoon game drive, as the sun starts to set we stop in the middle of the bush. You are allowed to jump off the Land Rover to have a stretch, a call of nature and to enjoy 'sun downers' (drinks). A table is set up with a selection of drinks - beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks. Small snacks are also offered.

This traditional method of open vehicle game viewing is comfortable, safe, exciting and of course very rewarding.

When a pride of Lions are found, we will follow the pride through the bush, keeping close to them, waiting and hoping for an opportunity to occur which results in you seeing the pride in action, bringing down suitable prey. Imagine! Safely sitting in a Land Rover in the middle of the South African bush only a few metres away from a pride of Lions on a fresh Zebra kill!

It's also important to know that in the Sabi Sands Reserve there is an agreed policy between the lodges that only 3 game viewing vehicles are allowed at a Big Five sighting at any one time. It's important not to pressure or stress animals in the wild and of course your viewing experience whilst at the sighting is kept exclusive. The game viewing is excellent and wilder in the northern sector of the Sabi Sands with the Big Five regularly being seen.

Ever heard of the Big Seven? You may also see Cheetah - the fastest land animal in the world or the Cape Hunting Dog more commonly known as Wild Dog. Both these animals are on the endangered wildlife list and they form part of what is known as the Big Seven!

The Sabi Sands Reserve is the best reserve to witness many incredible sightings, very much happening as nature intended. Our Sabi Sands Safari has it all.

Walking Safari - Included

Each day your ranger and local tracker will take you on an hours leisure bush-walking safari which starts shortly after breakfast. The walking safaris are not compulsory but they do provide you the opportunity to get a closer look at some of the smaller animals, the flora and fauna and to learn a little about bush survival and tracking.

The walk is a relaxing change and brings one even closer to nature.



The game drives are not compulsory. If you wished to stay in bed one morning you would be more than welcome to do so.

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