Kruger Park & Sabi Sand Combo Safari
4 Day Itinerary -
Option B

Johannesburg - Kruger Park - Sabi Sands - Johannesburg


Collection in Jo'burg:

Departing at 7.00-7.30am from any hotel in Johannesburg or off any early morning flight arriving at Jo'burg's Oliver Tambo Int Airport (JNB) you safely travel East for approx 4 hours to 'Nelspruit' the capital of Mpumalanga Province.

At Nelspruit you have an opportunity to do your last minute shopping, to stock up the cooler box with some drinks, film, snacks, mosquito repellent etc.

Leaving Nelspruit your journey continues for 1.5 hours to the game rich Southern region of Kruger Park and enter the park at Crocodile Bridge.

Collection from KMIA or MQP:

Your Safari Ranger will meet you off your midday flight arriving at Kruger Mpumalanga Int Airport (KMIA) or Mpumalanga Airport (MQP) and start your safari by driving for 1 hour to the game rich Southern region of Kruger Park and enter the park at Crocodile Bridge.


Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park - Skukuza Camp (D)

On entering Kruger Park, you spend the rest of the day game viewing following the Sabi River. The animals tend to move towards the Sabi River in the afternoon to quench their thirst from the sun's heat - you see herds of Impala or Waterbuck drinking at the waters edge. A herd of Elephants cross the river, splashing, play fighting once they arrive on the far side. Crocodiles are seen basking in the afternoon sun; mouths open regulating their body temperatures. A grunt from a Hippo is heard, we find them in a shallow section of the river sleeping with the biggest male keeping an eye on his territory and his females.

This first game drive up the Sabi River sets up what's yet to come.

Arriving at 'Skukuza' camp just before the entrance gates close for the evening, you check in, move into your chalet to freshen up, ready for your first safari dinner.

Your dinner is prepared, cooked and served outside under the stars. Traditional South African meals are prepared by your Safari Ranger, giving you a taste of our delicious, barbeque cuisine.

Day 2: Kruger Park - Sabi Sands (B L D)

The day starts early with a wake up call at 5.30am. At 6.00am the camp gates open. We leave Skukuza camp and head towards 'Satara' camp.

On the way your Safari Ranger finds a Leopard walking on the edge of the road, marking it's territory by scenting trees and bushes. He's a big male, powerful. We slowly follow him as he proudly walks along the edge of the road. Later you see a White Rhino using a rubbing post then wanders off. Impalas always next to or crossing the road. Three Lionesses on the road laying close to each other and then moving off into the bush. Later a Hyena crossed the road making it's way back to its den. We continue game viewing, stopping off at water holes, following river lines, checking dams.

For breakfast, you stop off at a picnic site at approx 10.00am. For the rest of the morning, we continue game viewing on a few loops in the Satara region, focusing on the Timbavati River loop. The area around Satara is also good for Cheetah. Your Safari Ranger spends some time searching for this splendid animal while making our way to 'Orpen Gate' where we leave Kruger Park.

From 'Orpen Gate' you head south to a private reserve the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. You pass through rural villages, stopping to ask to take photos of native life and culture.

On entering this famous reserve, you then make our way to camp. You check in, move into your chalet to freshen up, ready for lunch at approx 2.30pm. After lunch, you have time for leisure - siesta, a swim or some socializing.

At 4.00pm afternoon tea and coffee is served. Afterwards, we make our way to the open 4 x 4 Land Rovers and start your afternoon game drive.

Being your first open vehicle game drive you are given a 5-minute safety talk by your game ranger. The tracker sits on the front of the Land Rover in his special trackers seat, checking for fresh tracks and spotting the wildlife for us as we drive around. During the night drives your tracker uses a powerful spotlight, swinging left and right searching for the nocturnal animals.

Your game ranger finds you all the general wildlife - Impala, Warthog, Giraffe and Waterbuck whilst making our way to a Lion Kill. During the morning a resident pride of 12 Lions (5 are cubs) had killed an adult Giraffe. We arrive and find all the Lions sleeping under a shady tree with Vultures filling the surrounding trees, waiting in anticipation. The Vultures have been arriving all day. The big dominant male Lion rises and walks over to the carcass for another helping. Starts to lick an area of the carcass and then continues to eat. Three Lionesses join him but eat at different positions.

You're only a few metres away from all of this action - incredible!

A little later as the sun goes down, we stop in the bush a little off from the Lion Kill, have a stretch and enjoy 'sun downers' (drinks). Feeling more relaxed after a call of nature, we continue with a night game drive. The tracker uses his high-powered spotlight. There are Hyenas arriving in the area due to the Lion Kill, but our focus is to see a Leopard. We stop for a Night Jar, an amazing nocturnal bird. We see lots of smaller nocturnal animals - Spotted Genet, White Tailed Mongoose, Owls and more Hyenas.

You finally return back to camp for approx 8.00pm. You are escorted to your chalet to freshen up, ready to return to the bar for drinks and then a full dinner is served, with further socializing done later around the campfire. We hear Hyenas constantly whooping in the direction of the Lion Kill. Later when you are in bed you hear Lions roaring.

Day 3: Sabi Sands (B L D)

The day starts early with a wake up call at 5.30am. At 6.00am tea and coffee is served in the thatched lappa. Afterwards we make our way to the open 4 x 4 Land Rovers and start your morning game drive. Your game ranger decides to check on the Lion Kill. We smell the carcass before we arrive; it's two days old now and starting to stink. The Lions are still there with a few Hyenas dotted around. A Black Backed Jackal is seen on the perimeter. It's evident the Lions and Hyena had clashed in the night but the Lions still control the carcass.

You continue with the game drive seeing Elephant, a bachelor herd of big tuskers. More Buffalo approx 350 number moving in the direction of a waterhole. You are driven through the herd which stops in the middle for photos to be taken. Later you see Waterbuck, Zebra, Warthog and more Impalas.

You return to camp in time for breakfast. After breakfast another walking safari is provided. The rest of the day is at your own leisure, sleeping, swimming and socializing until lunch at 2.30pm. At 4.00pm afternoon tea and coffee is served.

During your afternoon game drive you see loads of different bird species and general game - Impala, Warthog, Baboons, Wildebeest and Zebra. A little later we stop for a stretch and 'sun downers'.

Feeling relaxed, we continue with a night game drive focusing on Leopard. This night we are lucky. We find a Leopard at a small waterhole. It's a female and she is very relaxed. We are able to approach close. After drinking she heads off back into the bush. We follow keeping the spotlight on her as much as possible. She's just so beautiful. Photos are taken. After a while we decide to leave her but suddenly she crouches into pounce mode. Moving the spotlight we can see a little Steenbok, a small antelope, in front of her. She springs, two bounces and she has the Steenbok. We lose her for a few seconds, as we have to re-position the Land Rover. We move in close. The Steenbok is killed. She's looking around, panting a little. Finally she picks up the Steenbok in her mouth and climb's up the nearest Marula tree, positions the Steenbok in the tree so it will not fall. She starts to pluck the fur off and eats. We watch and take lots of photographs.

You return back to camp for dinner. The talk is of the Leopard Kill - fantastic.

Day 4: Sabi Sands - Johannesburg (B)

For your last game drive we pop to see the Leopard Kill. The carcass is half eaten but she is not to be seen. She'll be back to eat later in the day or during the night. We move off to the Lion Kill viewing general game as we drive through the bush. We arrive to find the Hyenas have pushed the Lions off the carcass. With the Lion pride having cubs they would probably have relinquished the carcass to the Hyenas earlier than normal. We take a few photos and then move off leaving the carcass to the Hyenas and Vultures.

On the way back to camp you come across a White Rhino. He stares at us with his ears twitching, then proceeds to eat the lush grass......

You return to the lodge at approximately 9.00am. After breakfast you pack and load suitcases, pay your bar bill and subsequently leave the reserve.


Drop-off back in Jo'burg:

On our homeward bound journey you enjoy the 'Panoramic Route' driving through the Northern Drakensberg Mountains. En-route you will stop and spend a few minutes at famous scenic spots such as God's Window, World's View, Berlin Falls, Blyde River Canyon at the Three Rondavels and if there is still time in hand, you visit Pilgrims Rest.

From Pilgrims Rest it's a relaxed 4 hour drive back to Jo'burg. During this time it's great to reflect & chat about your safari with your Safari Ranger or catch up on a little sleep!

Your Safari Ranger will drop you off at any hotel in Jo'burg including Jo'burg's Oliver Tambo Int Airport (JNB) for approx 6.00pm.

Drop-off at KMIA, MQP, HDS:

Flying out on your last day may mean having extended time in the Sabi Sands Reserve, with not having to depart straight after breakfast. Time for one more walking safari! Your Safari Ranger will make sure you leave the Sabi Sands in time to catch your flight out.


(B L D) refers to the meals included - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Skukuza camp is used for explanation purposes in this itinerary and may not be the camp you are booked into as all accommodation is subject to availability.

Itinerary may vary slightly due to gate opening times, game movements, weather etc....

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