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Customer Feedback

The creation of this customer feedback page is our way of assuring you that our Combo Safaris and Big Cat Safaris are very much provided as promoted on our website.

Each item of feedback has been copied from emails sent by some of our customers who have taken the time to let us know about their safari experience.

Booking off the internet may be a concern but please be re-assured, we will be there to pick you up and provide you with a wonderful safari adventure.


5 Day Combo Safari

Hi Andrew and Natalie,

Just a quick email to let you know that I haven't forgotten about providing some feedback. I have been really busy since getting back and haven't had a chance to get around to this yet. 

Briefly the safari was excellent. Both Robert and Gavin were fantastic hosts and were terrific to talk to. For me, the fact that they were both so knowledgeable as well as their naturally affable personalities made the trip really special. 

Having a qualified ranger conduct the safari was brilliant and this definitely sets Safari Rangers apart from the other companies that I researched.  The people always make the difference and with Gavin you truly have an exceptional employee and safari ranger. 

In short, I'm really glad that I chose Safari Rangers for our South African safari experience.

As a side I promised Gavin that I would email him some photos from the trip.  Do you have an email address he has access to that I could use for this? 

Thanks and I will provide some more details as soon as I get a chance.

Kind Regards 



7 Day Combo Safari

Dear Andrew and Natalie,

The best way to describe the Safari is that it far exceeded our expectations. We saw all of the Big Five plus two Cheetah hunting. Our Ranger/Guide Gavin was great. He is extremely friendly, witty, obviously very knowledgeable with the wildlife and very experienced in Kruger and Sabie Sands.

The accommodations in Kruger were very nice - just rustic enough to feel like you are on a safari yet comfortable enough to get plenty of rest to fully enjoy the entire experience. Gavin's ability at cooking equals his knowledge of the bush!

The Sabie Sands was incredible. The chalets were absolutely first class. The meals there were also incredible.

But nobody goes on safari for accommodations and meals. The best part of the safari was the animals. The combo Safari allowed us to see large numbers of animals in Kruger. In fact there were very few moments driving in Kruger where we were not able to see some herd of animals. Then, the Sabie Sands private reserve allowed us to focus on tracking specific species since off road tracking is allowed. The experience of being meters away from wild predators with nothing between you and them is simply indescribable.

Also, we noticed that the vehicles from other lodges were full of people while the lodge used by Safari Rangers were never more than half full allowing us to basically have our own private safari (for two drives there was only Anita and I with the tracker and guide).

I have recommended Safari Rangers to everyone I have spoken to since I returned. Further, a close friend of our family is in the travel agency business and I plan to highly recommend you guys to her.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour of being listed with Lonely Planet - you absolutely deserve it. If anyone from Lonely Planet has any question about it, they can feel free to contact me for a reference.

Thanks for a wonderful experience,

Bill and Anita


5 Day Big Cat Safari

Dear Natalie,

Our Big Cat Safari was all we had anticipated and more!  We saw the Big 5 in both Kruger and Sabi Sands, plus so many other animals, plants, etc. that I kept a journal so I wouldn’t forget any of it. 

Our guide, Willam, was fantastic: he went out of his way to ensure that we had the best vacation possible. 

We can most hardily recommend Safari Rangers to anyone who is looking forward to an African adventure.  They will not be disappointed.

We will send you some photos soon.

Thanks for a great time,

Joseph and Linda


5 Day Combo Safari

Dear Andrew and Natalie,

Having just returned from our absolutely brilliant safari trip, we thought we would drop you a line to let you know how grateful we were for everything, but especially, to have Gavin as our guide.  

From the moment he picked us up, it was evident that we were in for a treat.  Gavin's level of expertise and rooted knowledge of the flora, fauna, animals and languages far exceeded our expectations. 

By the way, not only did we "see" the Big Five, but we were also led to momentous sightings of these and many other striking animals.  At one point, Gavin excitedly tracked a very tall male giraffe from one side of the dirt road to the other...back and forth, back and forth, the only vehicle on the road. We came around the final bend to be greeted by this royal  tower of legs and neck, standing right in the middle of the road, looking down on us. What a delight!!  

By nightfall of each evening of the safari we found ourselves exhausted.  The days were filled with adrenalin rushes caused by the animal sightings, the stimulating discussions and informative dialogues created by the itinerary and our guide. To top it off, the meals provided by Gavin were superb.  His attention to detail was outstanding and created a true sense of luxury.  

A warm thanks goes out to all at Safari Rangers for this incredible five day adventure.  It was undoubtedly a trip we'll never forget and we would highly recommend Safari Rangers to anyone desiring the best of the best.  

With sincere thanks, Jeanne and Sue    

PS - Of course you may use any of this letter for Lonely Planet - Good luck with that - you certainly deserve to be listed in their guide book!


5 Day Combo Safari

Dear Andrew and Natalie,

Our safari was everything we hoped for and more!

Willem, our ranger, was very friendly and informative - we hadn't expected to be educated as well as entertained!

South Africa is as you say an amazing country and we definitely hope to go back. Kruger was immense and breathtaking, the elephant sightings in particular were fabulous and the sheer beauty of the landscape was just incredible.

Willem's passion for this area was clear and we were really touched by his endeavours to show us all that he could in just two days. He fed us well too, his breakfasts in particular were wonderful.

We nearly saw three of the Big Five whilst in Kruger (Elephant, Rhino and a sleeping lion's paw and tail!). We were also lucky to see hippos, courting giraffes, zebras, dozens of antelope and a wide variety of birds and plant life. Willem's understanding of animal interaction and behaviours was fascinating.  

The Sabi Sands showed us a very different type of safari. Here we did see all of the Big Five but it was slightly more fabricated in terms of the radio contact and the ability to follow the animals off-road, that said we're not complaining because the sightings were great!

The lodge was very luxurious which was nice after all the early mornings and we felt the drinks bill was very reasonable too, considering what we'd paid elsewhere.  

Ernest's drive back through the Drakensburg Mountains, the Blyde River Canyon and Pilgrim's Rest was long and very hot but showed us yet another side of South Africa's astonishing size and beauty which just can't be appreciated by flying.  

I'm struggling to fully explain how great the safari was, it seems to bring up emotions you don't expect and I can't really find the right words but to put it simply you guys do a great job.

Easily the best holiday either of us have ever had.  

Good luck with the Lonely Planet application, you definitely deserve it, and we're planning to post a CD of photos over as soon as possible.  

Thank you so much to all of you for a really magical experience, you'll be hearing from us again!  

Kizzy and Richard.


5 Day Combo Safari


Sorry we have not been in touch previously- we have just moved and only just got the internet up and running.

Any way we are now back from our wonderful honey moon, we had such an amazing time with safari rangers! We just wanted to say thank you so much for organising our safari. It was everything we had hoped for and more.

Firstly, we must say a huge thank you to our guide, Robert. From day 1 he was outstanding - so professional, knowledgeable and passionate not only about wildlife but also about South Africa. When people have passions like that it is infectious! He had the ability to pass on general knowledge whilst also making it a very personal tour. We were so well looked after- accommodation and food was amazing!

The first two days in Kruger were awesome! We saw a huge variety of animals including a herds of elephants (which was something that we had really hoped to see) A highlight of this being a baby elephant with her mother.

In Sabi sands were we able to get close up to a range of animals including the big cats! We saw everything we could have wanted to including: 2 cheetahs stalking wildebeest, buffalo, male lions, female lions with cubs, rhino, big tusker elephants, hyena, leopard ... the big five plus so much more.

It was a once in a lifetime experience as we sat one evening right next to male lions as they roared - it made the hair on our necks stand up and hearts miss a beat! What an experience, you couldn't want any more!

Apart from the animals we also met some of the friendliest people during our stay in SA.

The 5 day combo was the perfect tour as far as we were concerned the dramaticness of the Kruger followed by the closeness of the Sabi Sands. Amazing!!!

Thanks again and of course we are more than happy for any of our comments to be forwarded, I really hope you get into the lonely planet, as a person who has travelled extensively using the lonely planet guides I can definitely say that the company deserves to be in the 'travellers bible'.

Please feel free to use any quotes or photos for the web-site. We will also be happy to be personal recommendations for the company should this be needed.

kind regards, Jacky and Adie


5 Day Combo Safari

Dear Andrew

No one word could describe the time we had on our safari, it was just fantastic from start to finish.

We never expected to have such a personal one to one service. Willem our ranger was just great. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the wildlife, flora and fauna was amazing and nothing was to much trouble.

We were so lucky to see the "big five" as we were still missing the leopard right up until our last game drive. They pulled out all the stops though and the rangers found two magnificent leopards which was just the icing on the cake of a great safari.

We saw so many animals (including 5 rhino together which we understand is extremely rare) and fantastic birds and have some fantastic memories that we will recommend safari rangers to everyone.  

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.  



4 Day Combo Safari

Dear Andrew and Natalie

Sorry not to have replied to your mail before this - I have had problems with e-mails, thought it was the server but last night it was found to be with Norton, so now I have to sort that out!  However, it is good to be able to mail once again.

You will already have heard from Eileen and Angela that the trip was an incredible experience. My grandchildren now want me to take them on safari and I think it would certainly be marvellous to do that. First hand experience of seeing glorious animals in their own space, doing their own thing, would bring greater awareness and be an education in itself. 

Eileen's pictures are probably the best - better camera! - and I know she will be sending you some.  

The car journeys were long - flying a better option for some, especially those with children - but some great scenery, and the early starts were a rude awakening (literally) but we got used to them and I'm still getting up much earlier in the morning  .....South African Rand travellers cheques proved to be a disaster and NOT to be recommended - my mistake. Eileen also provided a few 'moments', like falling flat on her back, then losing her flight tickets and debit card!  All part of the holiday.

BUT I wouldn't have missed the experience for the world and thank you very much for changing things so that I could be included.  Kuname River Lodge is to be recommended to all - luxury in the bush, wonderful food, lovely people and a location that sits you in a natural setting and makes you feel part of another world - bliss. Carmen, Sean, the lovely Peter, a chef to die for and all the staff made this a very memorable holiday. Willem was a pleasure to be with and he, too, obviously enjoyed the Kuname experience. 

(When I go back, I expect Sean to find the elusive male lion and the leopard that led us a merry dance, preferably not in the old jeep that gave us extra thrills and which blew the side out of the battery!!  Sean's vehicle was off the road!).

Gone on long enough -but again many thanks.  It was good of the others to agree to Kuname instead of Sabi Sands but they certainly got a bargain about which they couldn't possibly complain.



5 Day Combo Safari

Hi Andrew and Natalie,

I think I speak for both of us when I say that we have the most truly amazing experience from start to finish!  

Willem was absolutely brilliant. He really knew his stuff and was so passionate about it really made a huge difference. Kruger although the accommodation was not Sabi Sands it was amazing because 90% of our sightings were just the 3 of us, including a male leopard snagging an impala....Awesome.

Willem also knew so much about the trees and wildlife that although not the big 5 were equally as interesting and beautiful. He could not have tried harder to get us as many sightings as possible and the best available. We were seriously spoiled for elephants which as you know was of particular interest to us. He was also a pretty good chef!  

Sabi Sands was again fabulous! The sightings were brilliant although we had one slow morning. Peter our guide seriously worked to get us the big 5 in 2 1/2 days. We were 3 short on the final morning missing Leopard (although we had already seen one in Kruger), Buffalo and Rhino. 1st thing we came across a pair of cheetah which we did not expect and that set of the morning, followed by various endangered birds (one of which Peter had never seen at Sabi Sands), Cheetah with cub and kill in tree, then we heard of a Rhino on the other side of the reserve, suddenly we were on an extreme safari Peter was determined to make it before it moved off, on route though we stopped for a couple of buffalo but still made it due to some serious driving by Peter. He was awesome! The rest of the guys at the lodge were brilliant to, so attentive and lovely.

The accommodation blew our minds. So romantic and beautiful. At one stage the plain outside the lodge was littered with more animals than we'd seen together all safari.   We hopefully will have some really good photos that we'll be sending you as we would love Willem to see some of them.  

Of course you can use any comments for the lonely planet, it was truly the most amazing experience and everyone was so professional it went slow smoothly. I can not tell you how gutted I am to be back!   

Thanks so much  

Louise & Jason


4 Day Combo Safari Option B


we did not return to the UK until last week.

To cut a long story short we all found the whole experience absolutely stunning. Your Ranger, Robert, was so attentive and knowledgeable. I am a very keen ornithologist in the UK as was Robert out in SA. This was merely a wonderfully unexpected added bonus for me. Even my family were fascinated by birds like vultures, hornbills, sunbirds, etc.

On the way back to Mpumalanga airport, Robert even stopped off at the Brede River Canyon and the Lisbon Falls - superb !

The choice of venues was perfect - we were particularly thrilled by Edeni Private Game Reserve and the Bush Lodge there - a completely different experience for us (my daughter asked if we could come back at Christmas!!). I wouldn't want to stay in the luxury of the River Lodge there as the experience was so much better in the Bush.

We didn't see the Big Five as we missed out on Leopard. We also missed out on Hyena and Jackal, BUT, this made no difference to us whatsoever, for two reasons: I). we could see just how hard the Ranger(s) and Tracker were working to actually find us a Leopard and ii). it just gave us things to further look forward to on our return (whenever that may be).

To summarise, I would not hesitate to recommend first and foremost SA as a holiday destination (for at least a month), but also your esteemed company and the wonderful service you provided us. You may rest assured, upon our return, we will indeed be in contact.

I attach a copy of a photo of our safari group at Edeni.

Thank you again



5 Day Combo Safari

Dear Andrew and Natalie,

We had a wonderful safari experience! Even though we did not end up seeing all the "big 5" (no lions, rhinoceros, or cheetahs), we saw many other animals to include mama leopard and cub and leopards mating. My favourite animal was actually the giraffes, of which we saw many. We also saw many elephants, at least five kinds of antelopes, hyenas, a jackal, zebras, buffalos, wildebeests, three kinds of mongooses (mongeese?), a civet, two genets, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, an ostrich, and many other birds in our 4-night stay. We went to sleep with hippos "serenading." while in the public Kruger.

We were happy that we split our time between public and private Kruger as the experiences were different, but in some ways we enjoyed our time with our Safari Ranger Fossie the best. It was an extremely relaxing vacation to have Fossie in charge of everything. As we were the only two with Fossie during our days in the public part of Kruger, it meant that we could ask questions at any time, ask to stop for photographs as desired, and watch the animals for just the right amount of time. We did not have to worry about how to get from one place to the next or where to eat. Fossie knew great places to eat or fixed our meal, and he is a good cook, depending on the time of day.

The return drive from Kruger to our hotel via the "Panoramic Route" was also a delight. On both the drive to and from Kruger, Fossie was careful to break up the drive with appropriate stopping places.

We enjoyed being in South Africa in the winter. Bugs were not an issue and some of the animals were likely easier to spot.

I have told everyone I have talked with how relaxing and how exciting our safari experience was.

You may share these comments with Lonely Planet.




5 Day Combo Safari

Hi there Leonard,

Jill and I just wanted to write you a quick e-mail to tell you what a fantastic time we had on our safari in the Kruger Park and the Sabi Sands last week!

We also wanted to tell you that William did a phenomenal job and we truly enjoyed our time!

I have been travelling around the world for a year and a half and I want you to know that William is one of the best tour guides I have ever had. And believe me, I have seen a lot of them. His knowledge of the plants and animals in the area was outstanding and his passion for it was truly infectious.

Thank you for making the beginning of our trip to South Africa so great!!

Warmest regards,

Mike and Jill


4 Day Combo Safari  


We are literally just home so will reply a little later when the dust has settled.

Be reassured, however, that we had a great trip and that the arrangements we made at the time to fit in with our needs worked very well.

Robert was excellent and we even went back into the park on our own for a couple of days to see how we got on with our new found skills!

All the best

Bill & Miriam


4 Day Combo Safari
Dear Andrew and Natalie,
Janet and I arrived home this morning after a fabulous 3 weeks in SA.
The combo Safari was though the highlight of the trip. Robert our guide was wonderful...very helpful , knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He is a real credit to your organisation. I will send one or two pictures to you later when I have them downloaded! We only saw 4 of the big Rhino's!
But the sight of a leopard eating its kill and taking it up a tree to keep safe was lovely. Also being in the middle of a heard of around 200 buffalo's was also memorable. We saw white tailed mongoose, porcupine, a few snakes a Genet and lots more of the more difficult to see animals.
The elephants were wonderful.
After Sabi we flew down to Cape Town and spent time there and on the Wine Trail and Garden Route.....I will write again when I have sorted my in box out and will forward a picture or two.

Thanks for all you was really a wonderful experience and Sabi Sands was a great park to stay in.


5 Day Combo Safari
Dear Andrew and Natalie,
Apologies for the lateness of our reply but we continued our holiday to New Zealand, Australia and Thailand and only returned home yesterday.
Our Combo Tour of the Kruger and Sabi-Sabi was an unforgettable experience and we were delighted and impressed by your Company's expertise and forethought in tailoring a trip which fulfilled all our expectations.
Yes -we did see "the Big 5" but Robert's enthusiastic and erudite commentaries made even the most pedestrian of encounters interesting and informative. We enjoyed his company - and his cooking too !!
We wish you success in your quest for recognition of your excellent organisation by inclusion in "Lonely Planet". We would unhesitatingly recommend you to any friend or member of our family and would be most happy to be used as a "Satisfied Customer" reference should you have any need to reassure potential clients in the UK.
Thank you for an outstandingly memorable experience !!
Ian & Liz


3 Day Combo Safari
Hi Andrew:
Sorry to not have responded early but I was busy back at work already.
We returned to the States on 31 Dec (since we left for Cape Town after the safari).  South Africa is indeed very beautiful; people very friendly; and food very good.  We thoroughly enjoyed the safari and our guide Robert is AWESOME.  He was the perfect host to God's animal kingdom for our family and he took very good care of us. 
The 3-day combo was indeed a good way to experience both Kruger NP and Sabi Sands.  We probably wish we could stay for another day at Sabi Sands but budget-wise it's a bit much.
We will definitely recommend to our friends if and when someone visits South Africa.  It is a very long trip (22-hour flight each way for us) from here in California though, not to mention the cost. 
Best wishes in 2005 and being included in the Lonely Planet Guide.  You guys deserve it. 
Please also forward this to Leonard in your South Africa office for me.


6 Day Combo Safari
As anticipated, my article on my time on safari in December has just been published in Vivid Light Photography Magazine on line (see for the homepage that includes an image I took of marabou storks in a tree just before sundown, for which I thank Gowie for the positioning of the vehicle).  The article itself is at    

Thanks to you all for a super time while I was with you.  

Best regards,  
4 Day Combo Safari  

Hi Andrew,

Still catching up from our trip to Africa!  
The 30 hour trip from Johannesburg to Washington, D.C. is a long one.  I would agree with you that South Africa is an amazing country.  Unfortunately all we seem to hear in this part of the world is all the negative news, especially as it relates to oppression, Soweto unrest and of course HIV/AIDS.   They of course have their problems like any country but there is so much more to S. Africa then what we hear in the news.  I found S. Africa to be a delightful country........the people (whether white, black or collared) were so friendly and eager to meet people from another land.  The country is beautiful and the topography is amazing given the small size of the country (compared to the U.S. of course!). 
I am so glad I went, in spite of the long, long plane ride, and that both my self and husband saw so much of the country. We thoroughly enjoyed our safari package booked through Safari Rangers.  Our tour guide was Robert Wienand, who is very passionate about the wild life in South Africa, to include birds.  We enjoyed learning from him and saw many things we would never have seen or had a clue at what we were looking at.  

Our combo trip took us from Johannesburg to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve for 2 nights.  We really liked that experience as it met our expectations of "going on a safari" which means driving in an open jeep looking for wild life in the bush with a native tracker.   We saw many, many animals (except lions - they seemed to be on holiday!) and saw some fantastic bird life.  The Lodge is excellent and the staff is wonderful.  

We loved the layout of the lodge, with each couple having their own cottage, to the main lodge over looking the watering hole where we saw elephant, zebra, wildebeest and baboons in the afternoon while in the pool and to the boma every evening for a braai. From Sabi Sands we went to Kruger National Park where we spent a night at the Pretorius Lodge.  This was extremely different then our experience in Sabi Sands. 

I can equate our experience in Kruger with driving through some of the national parks in the U.S., like Yellowstone National Park.  In the Park we were looking for game from inside a van, which has limited visibility, and certainly does not feel like "going on safari".  Unless the animals were crossing the road or standing along side - they were not able to be seen.  The vehicle can not leave the designated roads in the park. 

We saw mostly birds in Kruger and warthogs - still no lions!  (It became a joke through our entire trip - no lions to be found as all seemed to be on holiday!  My husband finally took me to a Lion and Rhino Park outside of Johannesburg so I could say I saw lions in S. Africa!)  Also the lodging in Pretorius was very basic and having dinner & breakfast prepared by our guide, outside our rondele was different.  I am glad we went on your combo tour just to see the difference, but as a travel agent I would screen my clients very carefully and recommend if looking for a safari adventure a private reserve is the way to go. As to the rest of our stay in S. Africa - it was fantastic. 

After starting with our fantastic trip with Safari Rangers, we then proceeded by renting a camper and touring a very large area of the country.  We drove from Johannesburg and visited Kimberley (saw the Big Hole), Oudtshoorn (saw many ostrich farms), the pass into George, Hermanus (saw 6-8 whales "frolicking" in the bay), Mossel Bay (gorgeous area), Plettenberg Bay, Port Elizabeth, Addo National Elephant Park (a fantastic park and almost better then Kruger but not as good as Sabi Sands), and Bloemfontein.  The camping parks were wonderful - exceptionally clean and well laid out!   In some instances, being early in the season, we were the only people in the camping parks! 

They are far better then in the U.S. So all in all we had a fantastic time.........and I hope to go back soon.   My husband goes twice  year for a month at a time, so I am hoping maybe in another year I can return and repeat our outstanding safari adventures. 

I do hope you get into Lonely Planet!  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know. A BIG thank you to you for all your help in setting up our safari adventure.  You were great and so was our tour guide!




7 Day Combo Safari & Walking Safari  

Dear Andrew,

Many thanks for your e-mail and your congratulations. We only arrived back on the 29th having continued our honeymoon touring other parts of SA after the Safari. Our Safari experience went exceptionally well. The combination of two days within Kruger, two days at Sabi Sands and two days walking in Timbavati gave us a good taste of all aspects. A large part of the success of the safari must be attributed to the rangers who accompanied us - Quentin in Timbavati, Shaun in Sabi Sands and especially Robert who accompanied us throughout the trip and proved to be a perfect guide.

Although I think we were probably very lucky with the very wide range of game we did manage to see, I have no doubt that there was a great deal of skill also involved in getting us into the right place at the right time, spotting some of the more well camouflaged animals and identifying just what we were looking at - particularly the birds, where Robert's knowledge was invaluable.

If I could have changed anything I would have opted for an extra night at Sabi Sands - it was so relaxing, comfortable and friendly - and on a similar note perhaps our original format having the luxury of Sabi Sands at the end might have proved a slightly better arrangement - although that's probably just nitpicking. As regards the walking section, whilst this proved to be the least productive in terms of game viewing - which is to be expected with seven inexperienced people marching through the bush - it was great to be able to get out and get some feel of what it is like to actually travel through the bush on foot. I would have preferred more walking and less game driving, however I accept that the other people in the group at that point hadn't done any game drives, and I also believe that on one occasion Quentin deemed it unwise to attempt a walk due to the agitation of the elephants in the part of the reserve he had taken us to.

I have hundreds of photographs - some of which I am very pleased with - but have not as yet had time to download them onto the computer. I will forward a selection of what I consider the best images as soon as I get the opportunity. I offer you my sincere thanks for putting together such a successful package, for your prompt help and assistance at the planning stage - in particular Jutta's contribution (and patience) in helping to arrange the transport and car hire - and again to Robert who couldn't have been more attentive, more accommodating or more helpful. It was a pleasure to be in his company.

Kind regards


P.S. do you arrange trips to any other countries than SA? Botswana and Tanzania are both still on my list.


3 Day Combo Safari

Hi Leonard & Robert,

A quick mail now that we have returned to base . Thanks again for the wonderful safari. We really enjoyed the whole experience-hopefully the first of many!!

The rest of the holiday went really well-we followed a lot of Robert's suggestions and were not disappointed! It is such a fantastic country-each day brought something new. The weather was really good also-Table mountain was set against a blue cloudless sky when we arrived in Cape Town.
Thanks again for everything-we were really impressed with the level of organisation, professionalism and friendliness. Keep up the good work and lots of luck in the future. We will definitely be forwarding your name to friends who plan to visit. Pass on our thanks and regards to Breton also.


Una & Kevin


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